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  • Monthly Services

    Cloudflare Business – Advanced Firewall & High Traffic Queuing System

    $275 on the 5th of each month and a $50 sign-up fee
    • Cloudflare’s PCI-compliant Business plan is ideal for small businesses operating online.
    • Enhanced security with Web Application Firewall (WAF).
    • Setup and configuration of Cloudflare’s Waiting Room.
  • Monthly Services

    Cloudflare Pro – Advanced Firewall and Analytics

    $30 on the 5th of each month and a $25 sign-up fee
    • Cloudflare for Professionals is ideal for people that want to protect and accelerate their professional websites or blog.
    • Enhanced security with Web Application Firewall (WAF).
    • Lossless image optimization
    • Automatic mobile optimization
    • Cache Analytics
  • Monthly Services

    Content Marketing Plan

    From: $450 / month

    Our Content Marketing Plans are designed to support effective implementation of a customized content strategy. SEO optimized content authoring to expand your reach, engage your audiences, increase conversions, and reinforce brand identity. We provide customized analytics and reporting to track success and target results.

    An active Proactive Maintenance or Custom Retainer Plan is required to support the implementation of this content on your site.

  • Monthly Services

    Custom Retainer Services

    From: $250 / month

    Our Custom Retainer services can provide you with the support you need to focus on running your business. With services such as technical marketing support, advertising management, on-page SEO, security auditing and improvements, site speed optimization, custom analytics and KPIs, and more we can help ensure the success of your website.

  • Monthly Services

    Gift Card


    Gift cards are valid for any project or services offered on

  • Monthly Services

    Managed WordPress Hosting

    From: $20 / month
  • Monthly Services

    Managed WordPress Hosting – Additional Site Add-On

    From: $12.50 / month
  • Monthly Services

    Managed WordPress Hosting – Dedicated Virtual Machine Add-On

    $660 / month
    • Dedicated hosting for very high traffic sites.
    • Requires at least 5 business days notice for traffic estimation and migration. Once a proposal for a Dedicated Virtual Machine is approved, invoiced, and payment successfully received, the turnaround time for the Dedicated Virtual Machine to be set up and configured is 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday).
    • A separately-priced Managed WordPress Hosting plan containing the necessary sites, disk space, and visits is required.
    • The first month’s payment for a Dedicated Virtual Machine add-on is non-refundable.
    • After the first month, a pro-rated refund for the current billing period will be supplied if the Dedicated Virtual Machine add-on is canceled.
  • Monthly Services

    Proactive WordPress Maintenance

    From: $40 / month

    An active Managed WordPress Hosting plan is required to ensure optimal performance and support for your site. A separate plan is required for each managed website.

  • Monthly Services

    Web Accessibility Automated Remediation

    From: $490 / year and a $65 sign-up fee

    According to ADA title III, every business website has to be accessible to people with disabilities, or it will be at risk of being sued and facing unnecessary legal expenses. We recommend use of our AI and machine learning web accessibility solution to solve this problem. According to our research, this is the most affordable and simple solution in the market today.

    Our service provides:

    • ADA, WCAG 2.1 Level AA & Section 508 compliance.
    • An accessibility statement and certification of performance.
    • Ongoing maintenance involving re-scan of your website every 24 hours.

    One year plan starting at $490

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