Managed WordPress Hosting – Dedicated Virtual Machine Add-On

  • Dedicated hosting for very high traffic sites.
  • Requires at least 5 business days notice for traffic estimation and migration. Once a proposal for a Dedicated Virtual Machine is approved, invoiced, and payment successfully received, the turnaround time for the Dedicated Virtual Machine to be set up and configured is 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday).
  • A separately-priced Managed WordPress Hosting plan containing the necessary sites, disk space, and visits is required.
  • The first month’s payment for a Dedicated Virtual Machine add-on is non-refundable.
  • After the first month, a pro-rated refund for the current billing period will be supplied if the Dedicated Virtual Machine add-on is canceled.

$660 / month

This product can only be purchased by members.

Pricing is for example only. Each plan is individually sized for your needs. You will receive a proposal detailing the estimated requirements for your site, including a 10% management surcharge.

Example server specifications for $660/mo. as of July 2021 are:

  • 16 vCPUs
  • 64 GB RAM
  • C2-standard instance type
  • 30 PHP workers

Sites hosted on the dedicated virtual machine shall have its PHP workers set as high as the virtual machine allows.

Each site is hosted in a private LXC container for full software isolation. Staging sites, backups, SSL certificates, SFTP/SSH access, and many additional premium features are included.

See Cloudflare for additional information and applicable terms.