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What would our mantra of Friendly, personal website support for your growing business mean without an easy way to let us know you need help? We use a variety of tools to assist us in supporting you and your site including Zendesk, Asana, Facebook, Zoom, G Suite Gmail, and more. Check out our software recommendations if you’re looking for ways to level up your support for your own customers.

Partner Status Pages

We support clients on several infrastructure stacks. If you’re familiar with your site’s hosting provider, you can check the links below for their official status page. If you’re hosted on Shopify or BigCommerce, I’d encourage you sign up to their notifications for status updates. These can give you a near-immediate insight into any issues on your site before you might be aware.

If you’re a client with a support contract, you don’t need to worry about this. We monitor the incidents from all of these sources and take actions where we can to mitigate any downtime for our clients. 

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Backed by over 20 years experience in customer service, photography, web design and development, Sprucely Designed can help you create exceptional digital experiences. Friendly, personal support by someone who cares about you and your business.

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