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Add Featured Reviews to Your Klaviyo Email Campaigns

You work hard to cultivate reviews for your products, so get the most out of your five star customer reviews by adding them to your Klaviyo email campaigns. Read on to discover how to add reviews to your Klaviyo campaigns today. Why You Should Utilize Customer Reviews Did you know that as much as 92% of customers read online reviews? Product reviews not only build confidence in your brand, they are an essential part of the conversion process. Utilizing customer reviews in your email campaigns can make the difference between a casual reader and a completed sale! How it Works Utilizing a Klaviyo API key, you are able to create a review testimonials feed in This feed URL can then be added to Klaviyo, along with a few blocks of code, to retrieve […]

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4 Tips for Starting 2023 with a Website Refresh

New years are synonymous with resolutions or goals. Many people focus on personal resolutions, but have you thought about your 2023 business goals? Beyond sales goals, here are a few of our favorite New Year’s resolutions or goals to get your business plans off and running for 2023! 1. Refresh your product descriptions. Have you re-read and refreshed your product descriptions since you originally wrote them? According to consumer research, at least 20% of lost sales are due to lack of product information. As you review your descriptions, consider what your customers want to know. Think about what questions you answer frequently about your products and make sure the answers to those questions are in your descriptions. Maybe your descriptions do a great job at answering customer questions, but could use a little sprucing up (see

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A New Team Member = Even More Support

We are excited to share some great news – Rebekah is now Full Time with Sprucely Designed! Get to Know Rebekah For those of you who haven’t met her, Rebekah is typically found with one of our cats in her lap, creating content calendars and writing blogs, newsletters, product descriptions, plus more. As COO and Chief Storyteller, she’s in charge of all Sprucely Designed content services with a side gig of reminding Isaac to hydrate and be on time for his calls. What Does This Mean For You? It means even more support and services. We’re excited for her to dive full time into content marketing, customer support, and more. You’ll see her signature on support replies and she’ll be making appearances on client calls. Plus, if you have been thinking about upping your content

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Content Marketing 101

One of our main goals at Sprucely Designed is to help our community get the most out of their website. Website content like product descriptions, landing pages, and blog articles are foundational to your story, and to creating an amazing customer experience. Whether you’re new to the content cycle, or your content needs some sprucing up, we can help. What is Content Marketing anyway? Simply speaking, content marketing is a marketing approach focused on delivering relevant and valued content your customers are looking for. Think of it as content that helps your customers solve a problem or find a product or solution. Good content marketing also builds community and credibility for your brand. Why is Content Marketing so important? Creating engaging and valuable content is essential to your brand. Consider what content marketing does. Awareness

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