Why & How to Create a Ranch Website

Originally given as a presentation at the 2023 Texas Bison Association Spring Conference, today’s blog posts covers why your ranch needs a website and the basics of creating a site. While this post specifically refers to ranches, the information below is applicable to many other verticals including farms, producers, creators, and manufacturers! The Importance of Having a Ranch Website Local, Regional, & Global Reach So, why might you want a website at all? Most fundamentally, a website is a channel of communication and it’s unlike any other when it comes to reach.A website has local, regional, even global reach. No matter how narrow or broad your target market is, your website can reach them on any scale. Accessible 24/7 Your website is accessible 24/7. We’re not sure what sort of hours you keep, but I […]

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Content Marketing 101

One of our main goals at Sprucely Designed is to help our community get the most out of their website. Website content like product descriptions, landing pages, and blog articles are foundational to your story, and to creating an amazing customer experience. Whether you’re new to the content cycle, or your content needs some sprucing up, we can help. What is Content Marketing anyway? Simply speaking, content marketing is a marketing approach focused on delivering relevant and valued content your customers are looking for. Think of it as content that helps your customers solve a problem or find a product or solution. Good content marketing also builds community and credibility for your brand. Why is Content Marketing so important? Creating engaging and valuable content is essential to your brand. Consider what content marketing does. Awareness

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What Are UTM Parameters, and How Should You Use Them?

How do you know which marketing campaigns are driving the most traffic to your website? Sure, you can track referral sources in Google Analytics. But did you know that you can get even more specific?  That’s where Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) parameters come in.  Using UTM parameters in Google Analytics can help you understand how visitors find and interact with your content. Two crucial pieces of information that can help your business develop and grow.  In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know to get started with UTM parameters, including how and when to use them. What are UTM parameters?  Put simply: UTM parameters are tags you can add to the end of your links to tell Google Analytics more about your link so that you can track its performance.  When someone clicks

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