Cloudflare Business – Advanced Firewall & High Traffic Queuing System

$275 now, and $275 on the 5th of each month and a $50 sign-up fee

  • Cloudflare’s PCI-compliant Business plan is ideal for small businesses operating online.
  • Enhanced security with Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Setup and configuration of Cloudflare’s Waiting Room.
Guaranteed Secure Checkout

First payment: March 5, 2024

Setup and configuration of Cloudflare’s Business Plan for our Managed WordPress Hosting customers. Allows for setup of an advanced Firewall for enhanced security for WordPress sites and for the Waiting Room to enable queuing for high traffic events (ticket sales, ecommerce launches, or other expected traffic spikes). This allows for a site to handle high volumes of traffic that would take it offline in normal circumstances due to excessive traffic load and distribute those visitors over a longer timeframe to allow the site to run smoothly. WooCommerce stores, membership sites, and other more advanced sites may still need a server upgrade if you plan to exceed 200 concurrent active users.

See Cloudflare for additional information and applicable terms.

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