Retrieving a Google Workspace Transfer Token

To transfer the management of your account to a reseller, Google needs a transfer token. The token associates your account with the reseller console. To get the transfer token, you must follow these instructions: 1. Go to Google’s Transfer Token Request Form at 2. Sign in with your domain’s administrator username and password. 3. Enter the Public Identifier provided in the transfer request form: 4. Take note of the subscriptions listed under the Transfer to heading. Ensure that the Google Workspace plan matches what you enter in the Transfer Request Form. 4. Check the box after reviewing the policies and click Generate Transfer Token. 4. The page automatically generates a transfer token (valid for 30 days). Copy this code and submit it in your Transfer Request Form. All done! Return to the Transfer …

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How to Utilize Your Unique Selling Proposition This Holiday Season

The 2023 holiday season is nearly here, but don’t panic! Today, we’re sharing advice on how to utilize your unique selling proposition to set your business apart this holiday season. What is a unique selling proposition? Simply put, a unique selling proposition (or USP for short) is what makes your business different from every other business in your market. For some businesses this is a unique product, for others it is how they conduct business, or even a unique value or principal. However, a USP doesn’t have to be directly tied to a product or business practices, it can be about what sets your entire brand or ethos apart from others. A few things your USP isn’t. Now that we’ve established what a USP is, let’s breakdown what your USP should not be. While they …

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Transferring File Ownership within Google Workspace: A Simple Guide

Before we delve into the specifics of transferring file ownership within your Google Workspace, if you’re still in the process of migrating your files from disparate Gmail accounts to your new Workspace, you might want to check out our previous article: Transferring Google Drive files to A New Google Workspace Account. It’s filled with helpful information to make your migration process smoother. Now, let’s get back to the matter at hand. Transitioning to Google Workspace brings numerous advantages to your business, one of which is the ability to collaborate more efficiently. However, with this transition, there’s an important consideration that is often overlooked: file ownership. It’s crucial to ensure that the right people have control over the right documents within your organization. This guide will walk you through the process of transferring file ownership within …

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Transferring Google Drive files to A New Google Workspace Account

Congratulations! Your small business is growing, and you’re ready to take it to the next level by migrating from individual Gmail accounts to a Google Workspace account. This will undoubtedly streamline your business operations and enhance your team’s collaboration. However, one key challenge you might be facing is how to transfer your team’s Google Drive files from the old Gmail accounts to your new Workspace. As it currently stands, Google Drive does not directly support transferring ownership between different domains (from to This presents a unique problem, especially if your business relies heavily on shared documents, data on Google Sheets, Slides for presentations, or any other Drive-stored files. The need to maintain access to these essential files is paramount as you transition into your Workspace account. Here’s the good news: we have a …

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How to resolve “WooCommerce is updating product data in the background” taking longer than expected

If you’re running WooCommerce 3.6 or later (and I truly hope you are), and have a large product catalog, you might have ran into the issue where this admin notice is lingering longer than you think it should. This can cause issues with filters on the front end of a shop being inaccurate or non-functional, as well as the noted sorting and reporting discrepancies. As the message indicates, for this install, we’ve disabled the default WP cron and run a scheduled server cron via wp-cli. This helps offload these sorts of processor intensive tasks from happening when users load your website, but it can sometimes mean queues such as this one get a little backed up. I’ve often found this issue on sites that use bulk editing plugins to make thousands of product updates at …

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Why & How to Create a Ranch Website

Originally given as a presentation at the 2023 Texas Bison Association Spring Conference, today’s blog posts covers why your ranch needs a website and the basics of creating a site. While this post specifically refers to ranches, the information below is applicable to many other verticals including farms, producers, creators, and manufacturers! The Importance of Having a Ranch Website Local, Regional, & Global Reach So, why might you want a website at all? Most fundamentally, a website is a channel of communication and it’s unlike any other when it comes to reach.A website has local, regional, even global reach. No matter how narrow or broad your target market is, your website can reach them on any scale. Accessible 24/7 Your website is accessible 24/7. We’re not sure what sort of hours you keep, but I …

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Add Featured Reviews to Your Klaviyo Email Campaigns

You work hard to cultivate reviews for your products, so get the most out of your five star customer reviews by adding them to your Klaviyo email campaigns. Read on to discover how to add reviews to your Klaviyo campaigns today. Why You Should Utilize Customer Reviews Did you know that as much as 92% of customers read online reviews? Product reviews not only build confidence in your brand, they are an essential part of the conversion process. Utilizing customer reviews in your email campaigns can make the difference between a casual reader and a completed sale! How it Works Utilizing a Klaviyo API key, you are able to create a review testimonials feed in This feed URL can then be added to Klaviyo, along with a few blocks of code, to retrieve …

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What You Need to Know About Square Processing Fee Refunds

If you’re a Square user, you may have gotten an email notice about a change to their refund policy. Here’s what you need to know about upcoming changes. What is Changing with Square’s Refund Policy? Effective April 11, 2023, Square will no longer refund processing fees when customers issue full or partial refunds. According to Square, this change places them in line with competitors in the processing industry, including Stripe and PayPal. What does this change mean for Square Customers? Impact will heavily depend on the frequency of refunds, and the total average dollar amount of those refunds, that you experience. For example, let’s say a customer places an order of $1000 online then decides to cancel that order before it is shipped. Most Square merchants will see $29.30 processing fee that will no longer …

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Three Tips To Take Your Email Marketing To The Next Level

As you’ve probably heard from us, email marketing is crucial to growing your small business. Email marketing can help you grow revenue, build trust with your clients, and engage with your community. Today, let’s explore three tips that will take your email marketing to the next level. Why Should You Utilize Email Marketing? Well, to be blunt, you should use email marketing because it works. Studies have shown that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you could realize an average return of $36. In addition to a strong ROI, email marketing allows you to reach a consistent base of your customers quickly. On average, 21% of marketing emails are opened within the first hour of sending. This can help you get the latest news and sales in front of your customer fast! Three …

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4 Tips for Starting 2023 with a Website Refresh

New years are synonymous with resolutions or goals. Many people focus on personal resolutions, but have you thought about your 2023 business goals? Beyond sales goals, here are a few of our favorite New Year’s resolutions or goals to get your business plans off and running for 2023! 1. Refresh your product descriptions. Have you re-read and refreshed your product descriptions since you originally wrote them? According to consumer research, at least 20% of lost sales are due to lack of product information. As you review your descriptions, consider what your customers want to know. Think about what questions you answer frequently about your products and make sure the answers to those questions are in your descriptions. Maybe your descriptions do a great job at answering customer questions, but could use a little sprucing up (see …

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What’s New: Shopify Tax

Earlier this month, Shopify announced Shopify Tax, a new product designed to assist Shopify users with identifying where they are liable for state sales tax, then calculate and collect those taxes at checkout. This product is a welcome addition to the Shopify platform; prior to this, most users needed to look to third party applications (such as Avalara) to assist with accurate tax calculations and collection was limited to the zip code level accuracy built into Shopify checkout. Today, we’re highlighting some of the robust features of Shopify Tax, and highlighting a few key questions you might have about transitioning to the new service. Key Features of Shopify Tax Comparatively, Shopify Tax offers several features you can find in third party solutions. We’ll just cover the highlights here. Check out this Shopify blog, and Help …

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Monitoring WordPress Cron via heartbeat checks

Part of my onboarding process and performance optimization for new sites is setting up proper server-level scheduled cron jobs using wp-cli. I use Kinsta hosting for clients and internal sites here at Sprucely Designed and, while they have an excellent hosting stack preconfigured out of the box, they don’t disable the stock WP-Cron or configure a system cron to my liking. So, based on Kinsta’s own knowledgebase recommendations, this is one of the first optimizations I make for new sites. First, I disable the default WP Cron, by adding this line to the site’s wp-config.php. On Kinsta hosting, this won’t completely disable the cron because Kinsta has a default server cron setup within crontab that performs a curl request to wp-cron.php?server_triggered_cronjob every 15 minutes. They do this as a backup to the default WP cron …

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NASA Adds Leap Second to Master Clock
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