June 2023

How to resolve “WooCommerce is updating product data in the background” taking longer than expected

If you’re running WooCommerce 3.6 or later (and I truly hope you are), and have a large product catalog, you might have ran into the issue where this admin notice is lingering longer than you think it should. This can cause issues with filters on the front end of a shop being inaccurate or non-functional, as well as the noted sorting and reporting discrepancies. As the message indicates, for this install, we’ve disabled the default WP cron and run a scheduled server cron via wp-cli. This helps offload these sorts of processor intensive tasks from happening when users load your website, but it can sometimes mean queues such as this one get a little backed up. I’ve often found this issue on sites that use bulk editing plugins to make thousands of product updates at […]

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Why & How to Create a Ranch Website

Originally given as a presentation at the 2023 Texas Bison Association Spring Conference, today’s blog posts covers why your ranch needs a website and the basics of creating a site. While this post specifically refers to ranches, the information below is applicable to many other verticals including farms, producers, creators, and manufacturers! The Importance of Having a Ranch Website Local, Regional, & Global Reach So, why might you want a website at all? Most fundamentally, a website is a channel of communication and it’s unlike any other when it comes to reach.A website has local, regional, even global reach. No matter how narrow or broad your target market is, your website can reach them on any scale. Accessible 24/7 Your website is accessible 24/7. We’re not sure what sort of hours you keep, but I

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