Content Marketing Plan

Our Content Marketing Plans are designed to support effective implementation of a customized content strategy. SEO optimized content authoring to expand your reach, engage your audiences, increase conversions, and reinforce brand identity. We provide customized analytics and reporting to track success and target results.

An active Proactive Maintenance or Custom Retainer Plan is required to support the implementation of this content on your site.

From: $450 / month

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All content authored is targeted to site or page keywords where appropriate.

Actionable reporting

Personalized reporting based on your specific business KPIs.

Robust Analytics

Industry leading tools to track content performance and enable robust reporting.


Integrations with other services such as advertising platforms, email marketing, or social publishing.

Project Examples

Here are some examples of projects that can be selected for implementation during your Content Marketing Plan. For example, clients on our Tidy plan would receive 2 of the below projects per month based on their Content Marketing Calendar schedule. We can work with you to customize your plan if the example below aren’t a perfect fit.

One Project =

2 Blog Posts

  • 800 – 1000 words per post
  • SEO keyword focused
  • Coordinated publishing on social media

2 Email Newsletters

  • Up to 800 words
  • Coverage of current events
  • Summary of important business information
  • Primary call to action

3 Product Descriptions

  • 350 – 600 words per description
  • Review of category and tags
  • SEO title and meta description

1 Page Content Review

  • Up to 2000 words copy edits and changes
  • SEO keyword research and analysis (if applicable)
  • SEO title and meta description (if applicable)

1 Product Landing Page

  • Up to 2000 words of new content
  • Customized professional layout
  • Focused calls to action
  • Funnel review & recommendations

1 Informational Page

  • Up to 2000 words of new content
  • Such as About Us, Contact, Our Story
  • SEO title and meta description (if applicable)

Copy Editing

  • Up to 4 hours of copy editing of provided content
  • Edits provided for review and approval

Custom Project

  • We’ll work with you for customizing projects as needed during your Content Marketing Calendar planning session.

In-Depth Subject Research

  • Up to 4 hours research for 1 subject
  • Required for authoritative content if existing research is not provided
  • Can include:
    • Industry analysis
    • Interviews
    • Primary source gathering