Updated Hosting Plans from Sprucely Designed

More Affordable Add-Ons

Effective July 1st, 2020, we’ve updated our Managed WordPress Hosting plans with more sites and available add-ons!

Tidy and Dapper Upgrades

Our Tidy and Dapper plans have been upgraded to allow for more sites within a single plan! Now you can host 3 WordPress sites on our Tidy ($50/mo) level or 8 WordPress sites on a Dapper ($100/mo) plan.

If you just need to add a single additional site, you can now do that for only $12.50/mo. via our Additional Site Add-On. These additional sites will all share your SSD storage and traffic allocations, so if you have a particularly popular (successful!) or large site, you may need a higher plan for just the one site. Or you might be able to add that side project on for no extra cost if you have the room in your plan. We’ll be happy to help you determine what will suit your business’ individual needs.

SSD Storage Upgrades

As alluded to above, we now offer storage upgrades a la carte via our 10GB SSD Storage Addon. You can stack these for truly unlimited storage for your site (well, within the limits of what Google Cloud can support 😁). This also provides a more economical upgrade for sites that don’t have the traffic needs requiring an upgrade to Tidy or Dapper, but still have lots of images or PDFs available to serve.

What about current plans?

If your current subscription was affected by this change, we’ve already taken the steps to modify your next renewal with the updated pricing. If your renewal had already processed this month, we issued a refund for the difference.

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