We’re Tidying Up

Now that the fireworks have settled, we here at Sprucely have been working on some sprucing up projects. We are happy to announce some new names for our service plans!

Same Great Look, New Name

At Sprucely we love a great look with amazing character. It’s important for us to help our clients show their brand to the world. So, we’re happy to share some of our character with you – with some shiny new service plan names. You’ll also notice a transition from the phrase “plan” to “membership.”  Sprucely Designed is a team effort, and we consider our clients a member of the community. Nothing else changes here; you still get the same great services, there’s just a new name attached.

New Sprucely Designed Membership Levels

Available on all Proactive WordPress Maintenance and Managed WordPress Hosting services.

Neat Membership
(Formerly Basic)

Tidy Membership
(Formerly Standard)

Dapper Membership
(Formerly Professional)

What’s Next?

You’ll start to see these new names effective immediately on our website, invoices, and other documentation. If you have questions, or are interested in changing up your membership, give us a shout. As always, thanks for being a part of the Sprucely community!

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